Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Warner Brothers DVD2BLU

Warner Brothers has been running a promotion to upgrade certain Warner DVD titles to Blu-ray editions.  What you do, is send them the DVD version (from a select list of titles) along with five bucks (per movie) and they in turn, will send you the Blu-ray version of the movie.  I went through the whole process a while ago and everything went smoothly.  I received my Blu-rays within a couple of weeks.  Recently, Warner Brothers has been accepting ANY DVD in exchange for ANY Blu-ray from their selection.  Having experienced good results the previous time, I had to get in on this deal... and here the saga begins.

I placed an order for 8 Blu-rays back on November 5th.  When you complete the online form, you enter an email address where they will send a pre-paid shipping label.  You need this label in order to send your DVDs to them.  I patiently waited until November 15th before contacting them because I had not received the shipping label.  They promptly replied the next day.  Do you remember the part where you give them an email address to send the pre-paid label to?  Warner Brothers seems to not read what you enter here.  They sent the pre-paid shipping label to an email address that was not mine.  After calling them that same day, they sorted everything out and I received my pre-paid shipping label the next day, November 17th.

The next step is to send your DVDs to Warner Brothers using the pre-paid shipping label.  On this label, and here is where Warner Brothers hurts themselves, is a tracking number.  By using the United States Postal Service Website, you can see how long it takes for your DVDs to arrive at the processing facility.  I mailed my DVDs on November 19th and it reached Warners on November 24th at 9:52 am.

According to the instructions provided by Warner Brothers, they will send you an email when they receive your DVDs.  This is not the case.  I heard nothing from them.  So I waited, and waited and then waited some more.  After all, it was over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I sent them another email on December 2nd asking for an update. I pointed out that they failed to notify me when my DVDs were received.  By using the tracking number I was able to inform them that my DVDs reached their processing facility.  I awaited a reply, but heard nothing.

It is now December 27th.  While checking my credit card statement online, I noticed that they had finally charged me for the Blu-rays.  And yet, I heard nothing from Warner Brothers.  I received an email from them yesterday apologizing for the delay, but at least my Blu-rays have made it to the shipping department.

Guess what I got in the mail today?  Yes, that's correct.  My Blu-rays arrived 54 days after I placed the order.  The Customer Service Department at Warner Brothers DVD2BLU program is, oh I don't know, laughable... pathetic... a shambles... non-existent?  It is a good deal to turn your DVD into a Blu-ray for only five bucks, but be prepared for a long wait in silence.  Rest assured, the horror stories you have heard about the Warner Brothers DVD2BLU Program are, in fact, true.

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