Monday, August 27, 2012

They're At It Again

Best Buy is up to their old tricks yet again. After reading online that they're selling the Death Wish 2 blu-ray for only $7.99, I checked their website to see if any of the Chicago area stores actually had it in stock. To my surprise, both of the stores that are most convenient for me have it! When I arrived at the store, I went to the movie department and didn't see it on the shelves. Okay, I thought.  No problem, it must be in one of their sale areas... nope, it wasn't there either. How about the $7.99 dump bin? No luck again. It has to be here somewhere, so I asked a friendly sales associate.

He looked it up in the computer and it told him that they have three copies in store. He led me over to the shelves and he couldn't find it. He led me over to the sale area and couldn't find it. I followed him to the $7.99 dump bin and he couldn't find it. He finally went into the back room to take a look around and he still couldn't find it. He returned a short while later with a confused look on his face and told me that he didn't know why the computer says they have it, unless they sold all three copies and there was a glitch somewhere and the system wasn't updating. He said there was nothing he could do about it and that I should wait until the next day, check the website, and if it still shows up come back to the store.

Needless to say, I left empty handed, but I decided to follow his instructions. I waited until this morning and the website still said they have it in store. This time around, I purchased the movie online and selected the in-store pickup option. A few hours later, I received my confirmation email that my movie was in hand and ready for pickup. During my lunch break, I headed over the Best Buy store to get it. 

I handed my confirmation email to the friendly man at the pickup counter. He read it over and looked in the closet for my movie and he couldn't find it. He looked on his computer and it said they have my movie. Another sales associate called over the radio and asked the staff where the movie was, because no one had brought it down like they were supposed to. While no one was bothering to respond, the first friendly sales associate went off to the movie department to find it. He checked the shelves and couldn't find it. He checked the sale area and couldn't find it. He then checked the $7.99 dump bin, and you know what, he couldn't find it.

Did I end up with Death Wish 2 on blu-ray? Nope, no one could find it. What I don't understand is why they told me I could come and pick it up when not one bloody person could find the bloody thing?!?  You know what they could do about it? Not a bloody thing! I'm really getting tired of Best Buy. If I feel up to it after work tomorrow, I'll have to head on over to the second store and take a look around. Do you think they will have it?

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