Friday, June 29, 2012

Warner Archive 4 for $44 Sale

Attention all movie fans! Now through July 5th, 2012 you can pick up 4 Warner Archives DVDs for $44 (plus sales tax) with free shipping.  Of course, this is for select titles only, but there are currently 1,131 titles in this sale.  This includes all of the Lon Chaney silent films they have released to date - even the four new titles! I've already placed my order, so what are you waiting for?


atomicat said...

Just make sure you don't waste time trying to figure out how many you want to order. Because it should be called "only four for $44". I spent a lot of time selecting many titles and trying to get the $11 price for many titles in a multiple of four titles online. The online store limits you to only four titles, the rest at the normal price.

I called to see if I could order more online. They said yes, I started to give them the list of course it took the operator a while, then she said, wait a minute as a supervisor or someone said something to her. She then realized or was told there is a limit of ten titles over the phone. So I ordered ten titles.

I spent hours looking through all the titles on my iPad the other day getting screen shots and getting ready for the order. But that was wasted time as I could only select four or ten titles max. So it's not really four for $44, but there should be a disclaimer and fine print, clearly stating there is a limit.

I have not had a limit in previous half off sales when I ordered a bunch of titles from Warners over the net. Having purchased many dozens of titles before this way, who would have known about the limit?

Cinema Raiders said...

Sorry to hear about that.

The problem I seem to continually have with them is that most of the titles I want are usually not part of the sale.