Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Hammer Horrors

Dracula by Bram Stoker
Published by Perma Books in May 1958 (2nd Printing)

He was a vampire. To live, this mysterious nobleman had to have the elixir of life, sucked from the veins of the living.

This extraordinary horror tale tells the story of two beautiful young women and four men who found themselves caught in the spell of Count Dracula's strange powers.

A steady best seller for many years, Dracula, with its vampires, werewolves, hypnotists and restless dead, has now been made into a Hammer Film Production in Technicolor - Horror of Dracula. This chilling motion picture starring Christopher Lee is released through Universal-International.

The Scars of Dracula by Angus Hall
Published by Beagle Books in April 1971
A moment of passion, an angry father, a quick escape on a runaway coach... and Paul found himself alone at dead of night on the open road. An unexpected black coach provided refuge for a night of dreamless sleep. But the next morning the coach was no longer untended on the open road.
It stood in the courtyard of a gaunt and eerie castle. The castle of Count Dracula.
Now a Hammer Film for Associated British Productions release through MGM - EMI Distributors Ltd. Starring Christopher Lee, Jenny Hanley, Dennis Waterman, Patrick Troughton & Christopher Matthews. Produced by Aida Young. Directed by Roy Ward-Baker.

The Camp on Blood Island 
Base on the screenplay by J.M. White and Val Guest
Published by Panther Books in 1968

It is 1945. Blood Island is a green fragment of hell on earth for several hundred men, women and children of all nations, trapped during the Japanese invasion, and held there under conditions of cruelty, privation and degradation. The prisoners are in terrible despair, almost praying for death to release them from their misery. Only Colonel Lambert, the senior officer of the camp, and Van Elst, a former rubber planter, know that the war is over. Lambert is caught in an appalling dilemma for he knows too that every prisoner will be slaughtered immediately if Colonel Yamamitsu, the gross, brutal commandant of the camp, learns of the Japanese defeat...

The Lost Continent by Dennis Wheatley
Published by Arrow Books in July 1968

A Hammer Film Production
Starring Eric Porter, Hildegard Knef, Suzanna Leigh, Tony Beckly in
The Lost Continent
Also starring Benito Carruthers, Nigel Stock, Jimmy Hanley, 
Neil McCullum, Dana Gillespie, James Cossins, Michael Ripper, Reg Lye
Screenplay by Michael Nash     Directed by Leslie Norman
Produced by Michael Carreras    Colour by Technicolor

The Vampire Lovers by J. Sheridan le Fanu
Published by Fontana Books in 1971

I awoke with a scream and felt a stinging pain as if two needles darted into my breast. By the light of the candle I saw a familiar figure standing at the foot of the bed. As I stared at it, the figure appeared to have moved nearer the door. Then the door opened, and it passed out.

My first thought was that Carmilla had been playing me a trick and that I had forgotten to secure my door but I found it locked as usual on the inside.

The next day, Carmilla seemed more devoted to me than ever...


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